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Our story

We thought up this project during a typical Parisian apéro on a cold winter’s day. You know how they say there is the right moment? That’s what it was for us. We met at the cross-roads of our want’s and should’s, with a common desire to share our world and inspiration.
We don’t pretend to be experts in what we write about because inspiration shouldn’t be studied. What we publish is our personal opinion. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us, we love feedback!
We set ourselves an ambition of bringing this project to life by organising thematic events.
Stay tuned for announcements, we hope to meet you there!  

Project co-founders:

Elena @leftwritestory

On my CV: brand manager
In my head: journalist, interior designer, traveler
Why Apéro à Paris: there is a picture-perfect Paris, and then there is the real thing. I want to share stories of remarkable people from the capital and beyond, start conversations on socially-pertinent issues, and of course, share my inspiration.




Anastasia @lapina_colada

On my CV: clinical trial assistant
In my head: blogger, stylist, city guide
Why Apéro à Paris: to share my passion for fashion, lifestyle tips, artisanal addresses, and the city of Paris.





Aliona @torgonskayaa

On my CV: engineer
In my head: photographer, artist, motivator
Why Apéro à Paris: to tell you about my Paris the way I see it, meet new people, exchange knowledge, and inspire you to pursue your dreams.




Alexandra @alexandrine_ar

On my CV: social media manager
In my head: illustrator, photographer, travel writer
Why Apéro à Paris: willing to show you the real and everyday Paris that is so dear to me with its stylish and unique “parisiens et parisiennes” and share my inspirations.

Contributing authors:

Ekaterina @ekaulitina
On my CV: architecture student
In my head: sustainability activist, polyglot, poet
Why Apéro à Paris: I like to share interesting stories, debate on social issues, and pen down texts after midnight. The puzzle came together!



On my CV: Book publishing student at the Sorbonne
In my head: film photographer, humanitarian, book lover
Why Apéro à Paris: There is just one thing that is difficult in Paris: making a choice. What to see, where to go, what to do. I choose to embrace the city’s unique diversity, which teaches me something new every day. This is one of the many reasons of why I joined Apéro – to share what I get and who I become through living in Paris.

Apéro à Paris – an inspiration bureau from the heart of the French capital.

Sharing all that makes our hearts go BOOM. #aperoloving